Want More Sex

In order to get a great source for relationship tips women you could go to a doctor or check the internet or read a book and we would like to give you some info about one of those books called Men Are Pigs. We feel that it offers the best in relationship advice not just for women but for men as well as it takes both of you to make a couple that would be in the relationship. The book will let you know what men want in a relationship with a woman and what women want with men. What men want from women in a relationship is fairly simple they want more sex so that might answer your question to what does a man want in a relationship. That is not completely all that they want as they do want the relationship as well just like women do. The book also offers tips on picking up women for all of the single ones that are out there so that they too can enjoy the wonderful things that come with relationships. So, in a nut shell do not worry your self to much about what a man wants in a relationship as long as you are providing what he wants. There are more points and views in the book to all of these questions as the author interviewed many women and many men in order to get the best and most accurate answers. He found that most men do want sex but they also want to find that special some one to spend their life with so we came up with ways to find that certain some one. We also learned that women really want to know what men want in relationships so we have the answer to that as well.

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