Chapter 11: Pedestal Tokens: Women and Men in Rehab

“I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.” — Actress and Comedienne Rita Rudner

The Pigs token system is modeled on the medallion reminder systems used in many successful treatment and self-help regimens. It’s designed to help you develop habits to improve your relationships and put some jet fuel in your sex life.

Pledging to do something for 30 days–without fail–is a powerful growth tool. It works because you’re not getting psyched-out by the thought of making a change and having to stick with it for the rest of your life. You’re testing a new habit for just a short time. If you don’t like the habit after 30 days, drop it.

Yet aside from one or two items, the Pedestal Treatment system isn’t designed to saddle you with a whole new set of habits anyway. What fun is that? The goal is to give you a new outlook on sex and relationships. You’ll notice big changes after faithfully working with just two or three tokens. You’ll do a double take on that new hot, loving partner (either existing and remade or really new) that has suddenly come into your life to mess up the sheets.

These tokens really weren’t that hard to create or conceive. They just required a little thought. As mammals with above average intelligence, pigs are good at that.

Girls, you know that guy you are with? The one you think is a jerk? A pig? A perv? Just imagine—hypothetically–what that new guy you might meet at the bar or on is going to want. Your guy isn’t any different from that guy in all likelihood.

Guys, do you really think all that stuff she wants is unreasonable? Imagine what that new GF is going to want. Now you may not patch things up with this system, but you’re going to have fun trying. At a minimum–and this is key–you won’t have any regrets. You gave it your best shot. And the best part may be that you are now trained to know what that new BF or GF is going to want.
[End excerpt]