A Brief Sampling of What You'll Learn From This Book

  • How to Find the Right Person

    How do you find and meet people? How do you choose the right ones for possible romantic relationships? How difficult is this process? This is a huge topic. Everywhere you go people complain about how challenging it is to meet someone.

    Chapter 1 Excerpt

  • How to Determine Who's Not Wrong

    We often enter the dating phase trying to decide who is right for us. We meet someone. We do our homework. We're trying to decide if this is the right person. Or could be. This is a mistake.

    Chapter 2 Excerpt

  • The "Pretty Girl Syndrome"

    There's a saying that a beautiful woman is the most dangerous creature stalking the social scene. Women with boatloads of pretty wield a lot of power over men. And if you find yourself stuck in their orbit, it can get pretty ugly.

    Chapter 3 Excerpt

  • The Holy Grail

    Remember that girl who blew your mind with her sexual appetite and daring? You may have met her in a bar, at a party, in the grocery store, or at the dentist's office. Or maybe you met her on that flight home for Thanksgiving.

    Chapter 5 Excerpt

  • How to Keep Them - Forever

    Woman and men want relationships for different reasons. Women want security-and not necessarily financial security, especially these days. More often, they want emotional security.

    Chapter 10 Excerpt

  • Tips to Make it Better

    There are many available strategies-or grand plans-to reach your relationship goals. I've supplied a few tactics-or short-term actions-to help drive your strategy to reach your goals.

    Chapter 9 Excerpt

Sturgeon takes the same "no BS" attitude that has made him a successful business-man and applies it to the world of dating, sex, and marriage.
McKenzie Smith
McKenzie Smith
Fort Worth
Every woman should read this book and stop denying the differences between men and women. This read will make their relationships stronger.
Kristy Remo
Kristy Remo
Fort Worth
Few speak more honestly about the differences between the sexes or the real desires of men. Sturgeon does both without apology.
Jimmy Doe
Greg Morse

Introduction to Men Are Pigs


Men are Pigs. It's hard to think of three words that pack more abusive punch when describing the disconnect between men and women.

Women think men are pigs because all they think about is sex. Men think women are pigheaded because they refuse to acknowledge the critical importance of sex. If relegated to elephant-in-the-room status, this disconnect can poison and eventually terminate a relationship. You can't wish away the differences between men and women, no matter how "enlightened" you may think such wishing might be.

I originally intended to call this book Pedestal Treatment. It was to be a collection of simple strategies to keep marital bonds warm. I wondered: what would happen if you got out of bed every morning and asked your spouse "What can I do to keep you one more day?"

As a serial entrepreneur in my 50s, I have had a long run of business success. My friends say that I'm obsessive compulsive. Others say I'm anal. But everyone agrees my success is due in large part to a knack for shrewdly analyzing business experiences and reaping potent lessons from them. I applied those same skills, strategies and perspectives to this book. So my approach is different from most writers who publish books in this vein.

I began by interviewing only men. As you can imagine most men my age are divorced. So I got some pretty good stories describing the ebb and flow of long-term relationships and what happens when things go wrong. I heard over and over about menopause for instance. Soon I began interviewing women.



About The Author

Ron Sturgeon is a classic American entrepreneur. His rags-to-riches story began when, at the age of 17, he launched his own auto salvage business after his dad died and he had no money and no place to live. He went on to build it into one of the largest operations of its kind in the United States.

In 1999, he sold his chain of salvage yards to Ford Motor Company. He repurchased what had become a money-losing business from Ford several years later. After whipping it back into profitability, Sturgeon and two partners sold it once more to Schnitzer Industries.

Pigs is a dramatic departure for Sturgeon, the result of unleashing his analytical business skills on the riddle of male-female romantic relationships. It's a much-needed discussion that any red-blooded male (and female) will want to read.

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Men Are Pigs
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