Tips on How to Find the Right Person

It could easily be listed as one of our primary goals in life: finding the right person to spend our life with.  Rarely will you come across another human who does not care to spend his/her life with another.  Most of us are “on the search” probably from our teen years until we find that person.

But how do we find the RIGHT person?  We are talking about a major commitment, till death do us part, and quite frankly, for most of us, that is downright frightening.  Finding the wrong person means misery, anger, heartache, and ultimately divorce.  When you look at the consequences of finding the wrong person, it makes this search seem daunting and almost worthy of the label “Mission Impossible.”

Never fear!  There is a book out which can help you.

About the author: “Men Are Pigs,” by Ron Sturgeon, is an “in your face” look at dating and living with a partner.  It is a “hold not punches back” discussion about relationships, why some work, and why some fail miserably.


“Most people seem okay–until you spend some time with them. What usually happens is two hours, two days, two weeks, or two months into the relationship, they’re not what you thought they were. Things start to surface. Whatever little red flags were waving in the beginning turn into rows of red flashing lights with sirens after a few weeks. When people feel comfortable enough to dial back their best behavior, the warts and boils can come out with a vengeance. To succeed you have to be smart. And really lucky.”

How to find the right person?  The tips from this book seem to be never-ending.  Practice self-care, express your needs, don’t settle just to settle, statements of truth which seem so obvious and yet are over looked by most people as they enter relationships.

“Woman and men want relationships for different reasons. Women want security–and not necessarily financial security, especially these days. More often, they want emotional security. A woman needs to know her man is thinking of her, that he remembers the little things she likes and dislikes. And acts on them. Above all, she wants her man to show he is paying attention to her and her alone, not just paying. A woman hates to compete for her man’s attention with a television, a cell phone, or an iPad. Turn those off and turn her on.

“But keep in mind: Women are constantly rating you. Past deeds don’t count. It’s what you’ve done for her lately that counts.

“Men want to feel admired. They want their passions, talents and knowledge to be appreciated by their women. They like it when a woman asks them for advice. And men want their physical needs tended to. They want plenty of sex. And just like women, men like to be chased.”

How to order this book

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Whichever is easy for you; just do it! This book should be on the bookshelf of every person looking to do the relationship dance correctly.


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