How to Keep Your Partner Forever

How do you keep your partner forever?

That’s what most of us want, correct?  Most of us firmly believe in “happily ever after,” correct?  We go into a relationship convinced that it will last our lifetime . . . but yet nearly 50% of all relationships/marriages fail.  Those are daunting odds.  Facing those kinds of odds, it would be safe to say that most of us could use a little help, don’t you think? At least half of us, at the very least, need some kind of help whether we know it or not.

Relax!  Help is available in the form of a book titled “Men Are Pigs,” by Ron Sturgeon.

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Now, a word or two about the book.

Most marriages/relationships fail because the partners don’t know a damned thing about the opposite sex.  Going into a relationship, for the uninitiated, is like conducting a business transaction with someone from Japan without speaking Japanese.  There is a rather large barrier between the two parties from the very beginning, and you either learn how to overcome that barrier or you fail miserably.

An excerpt from the book:


“Relationships will not last if the basic needs of each person involved are not met. These needs might range from praise and adoration, to financial security, to a commitment, to clear communications, to a sincere interest in one another’s passions. And sex.

“All of those people who think sex is not important need to get over it. Now. Sex is a basic need. Among the men I interviewed who were happiest in their relationships, the most frequently cited reason for their happiness was a satisfying sex life. I did interview a few men who weren’t all that interested in sex. They, of course, are a good fit for someone as well. But they don’t make up a majority of men by any means.

“Whatever your basic needs might be, you must tell your partner what they are in order to have any chance of having them satisfied. Expecting your partner to read your mind is a losing game played by the self-absorbed. You’ve got to be clear about what you need.”

Do you even know what your basic needs are?  Many people do not, or they do not know how to verbalize them.  It is absolutely crucial that you know what they are and how to translate them to your partner.

About the author

A word or two about the author, Ron Sturgeon

Today Sturgeon is a successful real estate investor and founder of Mr. Mission Possible small business consulting. He is also the founder of DFW Drive Your Dream exotic car driving experience, and the DFW Elite Toy Museum.

Sturgeon is the author of five business books including Peer Benchmarking Groups, Green Weenies, How to Salvage Millions From Your Small Business, How to Salvage More Millions From Your Small Business, and Getting to Yes With Your Banker. Pigs is a dramatic departure for Sturgeon, now known as “The Sex Whisperer“, the result of unleashing his analytical business skills on the riddle of male-female romantic relationships. It’s a much-needed discussion that any red-blooded male (and female) will want to read.

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