Advance Praise for Men are Pigs

  • “Sturgeon takes the same ‘no BS’ attitude that has made him a successful businessman and applies it to dating, sex, and marriage.”–McKenzie Smith, Dallas TX
  • “Few speak about the differences between the sexes or the real desires of men. Sturgeon does both without apology. I’m glad someone is finally saying this stuff!”–Greg Morse, President of a Texas Bank, published author
  • “Every woman should read this book! Reading it and acting on the advice will make any relationship stronger.”–Kristy Remo, Fort Worth Entrepreneur
  • “Ron tells it like it is. If a woman is offended, it’s because she isn’t in the 20 percent who love sex. That’s fine, as long as she finds a man who also doesn’t love sex.”–Jonna Downey, Weatherford Texas
  • “Wow. This is must-read for those who want long lasting relationships.”–Brian Nerney, Seattle Washington
  • “Don’t be like me. The title offended me, and I didn’t want to read it. After10 pages, I realized how much I needed to hear the advice in this book. I’ve rejuvenated my relationship. He’s thrilled, and so am I.”–Cindy Gifford, Haltom City Texas
  • “And I thought I knew everything about women… was I ever mistaken. Now I am a better husband.”–Bill Stevens, Mansfield Texas
  • “Now I know how to spot a woman who needs, not wants, sex. The lists and pointers are the keys to finding a keeper.”–Dave Beckman, Fort Worth Texas


It made me think more about my relationship.   I liked the references to other studies and books (but I am a guy who likes sources).  The book did not merely point out differences between the sexes (the easy part), it gave you ways to take action regarding those differences and a) seek out a successful relationship, b) improve your existing relationship or b) resolve where your existing or proposed relationship might be heading.

It is Ron’s voice, pragmatism, sensitivity and crudeness, all rolled into one.

Joe Mannes

As the book is published, we will post more reviews, these were from pre-publication sources.