Relationship Book

There are many relationship books for couples out there but must of them are geared towards either the woman or the man. Well our book is geared towards the couple as in both of the people in the relationship because it takes two to tango. We discuss many great topics in the book such as how to be a pick up artist and of course relationship advice so that you can get what you are wanting out of your relationship such as if you want more sex. In most cases men want sex out of their relationship because they think that they are not getting enough. There are relationship books for women and then there is our relationship book that has all of the answers to your questions. The author did a four year interview of both men and women as well as couples so that he could get all of the questions answered that are asked in relationships. There are so many reasons why you should read this book so that you can be happy and have everything that you are wanting out of your life. If you are single and are wanting to find that special some one than you are luck because we can help you do just that. We have found out how to find that special some one and then more importantly keep them. If you are a woman and want to know what a man wants or if you are man and want to know what a woman wants then you are both in luck because we have found then answers to all of your questions. Men Are Pigs is a great read that keeps you turning page after page so that you will have all that you are wanting for your relationship and so much more.