Picking Up Women

The book Men Are Pigs was written by Mr. Ron Sturgeon as a way to help others in their relationships to learn how to be a better spouse to their better halves. He interviewed many people over a four year period that are females and males in order to get the story from both sides so that you can get the perfect information in order to benefit your self and your loved one. There are many questions that are asked in relationships that men and women want to know and their afraid to ask. Well, we are not afraid to say what is on each others mind and that is honestly the best policy. So, what do men want in a relationship? Well there are many answers to that question but the main answer is going to have to be that men want sex.Men want to know how to be great at picking up women and we discuss this in the book and then take it further as how to get girls and keep a relationship. Yes this may sound a little piggish but us guys have to meet you women some how. If you are wanting to be a great pick up artist whether you are a man or a woman we do go over how to achieve the results that you are wanting. What does a man want in a relationship? What does a woman want in a relationship? These questions are so simple but yet so difficult at the same time. What a man wants in a relationship is going to be a little easier to find out than what a woman wants but by reading our book all of your questions will be answered and more. For you guys out there that are wanting the best information you can find on how to pick up women then read the book because we use great examples of how pick up women from other couples and individuals.