How To Be A Better Spouse

To be able to pick up women you first must learn how to be the best that you can at loving your self. Learning how to pick up women is not the only thing that you should concern your self with because you will also need to learn how to keep them once you have found the person of your dreams. There are so may unanswered questions in relationships these days and the author of the book Men Are Pigs wanted to know what the answers are so that he could share the info he found. Some of these questions are what do men want in relationships and what do men want from a relationship and much more. Well, one of the answers are simply that men want sex and that not all but it is mainly all. Men want to be a pick up artist and that is what a man wants in a relationship. If you are currently in a relationship and would like to make it a better one then all you will have to do is read this book. It has so many great tips on relationships ands it is all coming from man individuals that have gone through the same thing that most of you are going through. The author interviewed men and women over four years so that he could get all of the facts straight about the opposite sex and he found out a whole lot. There are many great reasons why you should read the book but mainly it is so that you and your spouse can have a great relationship with each other. The book was written to help both women and men as a couple so that they can live a happy life together and not just for one or the other.