The Sex Whisperer Reveals Why Only 1 in 5 Women Is a Great Valentine

Men are Pigs (And That’s A Good Thing!) Author Ron Sturgeon Shares

27 Keys for Men Looking for a Valentine Who Loves, Wants and Needs Sex

January 20, 2014 – Fort Worth, TX – In his new book, Men Are Pigs—And That’s a Good Thing, Ron Sturgeon insists that men and women have vastly different attitudes about sex.

“Men need sex, and they get irritable if they don’t get it regularly, but only one in five women feels the same way,” said the Fort Worth entrepreneur

Men don’t think they get enough sex at the same time their wives and girlfriends are sure they are getting plenty. That’s a huge disconnect that makes relationships unhappy,” said Sturgeon

Based on interviews with hundreds of men and woman he did when researching for the book, Sturgeon concluded that only about 1 in 5 woman think about sex the way men do. “Women in this group are great valentines. They’re sensual, comfortable with their bodies, and more sexually adventurous than average,” said Sturgeon

So, how can a man know which woman to ask to be his Valentine?

Ron’s book contains the Holy Grail for men looking for a red-hot Valentine’s Day, a list of the 27 characteristics of women who genuinely belong to the 20 percent. The 35,000 likes on the book’s Facebook page indicates he may be onto something.

Ron is available to discuss the book and the 27 characteristics. Visit’s media page for interview audio, sample questions and author bio.  He has been featured on Good Morning America, in USA Today, and in Men’s Health Magazine. Actual interviews are posted at the site, Men Are Pigs Book, under the media tab.

Ron’s colorful and candid talk about women, dating, and sex has already earned the book over 35,000 Facebook fans ( Get a copy of the book on Amazon or at In addition to the Grail list, readers will find advice about online dating, dating and social media, dealing with Pretty Girl Syndrome and winning a lover over with the Pedestal Treatment.

Mission Possible Publishing is a publisher of self-help and business books. Ron Sturgeon (aka The Sex Whisperer) is a Fort Worth commercial real estate developer, marketing consultant and entrepreneur. He is in a 6-year relationship the success of which he attributes to what he learned writing the book.

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