Want More Sex

Men Are Pigs is one of the absolute very best  relationship books for couples so that they can get back that feeling that was there when they first started dating.You remember the butterfly feeling in your stomach. One of the subjects that we discuss with in the book is how to be a pick up artist and how to be a female pick up artist as well because you must have someone else to have a relationship with. The relationship advice that we provide was found during a four year period of time while the author interviewed both men and women that where in relationships and that were single so that he could get the truth about what we are looking for in order to be happy. There are many questions that singles and couples have about relationships such as what men want in relationships and the answer is that men want sex. There are many a relationship books for women but for the most part they are written towards the woman and that is not what is needed because they are not happy because their man is not happy.If you want to know how to make your man happy you should read our book. If you are looking to start a relationship or are wanting one then you must know how to get girls so with our pick up artist tips that will be possible. Our book Men Are Pigs is actually more than a relationship book because we do address more than just the relationship but in all they come together. if you are wanting to learn more about what your other half is wanting with in the relationship then you should really read our book. It is considered to be controversial but in actuality it is the truth that most people feel they can not say.