Relationship Advice

There are many questions that are unanswered in some relationships such as what men want in a relationship with a woman and what men want from women in a relationship. What does a man want in a relationship you ask. Well the title of the book comes in to play here. You know Men Are Pigs and they usually in most cases want sex more than anything and that is not necessarily a bad thing. The book was written to offer some of the absolute very best relationship tips for men that you will find any where else. It also offers some great relationship tips women as well because how can it be a relationship book if it does not offer tips for both of the people in the relationship. You can get relationships advice from many types of forms such as the internet and even a doctor as well as other books but we feel that in order to get the best you will need to read our book. So, if you are single and would like to get tips on picking up women then you really should pick up a copy of our book as soon as you can. The author interviewed men and woman over four years because he wanted to get the truth about what the opposite sex is wanting out of their relationship and so much more. You would be surprised at what he learned during this process and hoe it has helped him to write this book and offer you all of the tips and truths that he has learned. If you are in a relationship and would like to make it better so that both you and your spouse are happy or if you are single and would like to learn to pick up the person of your dreams then you really need to read this book.