Where to Find Good Men

Good men aren’t as hard to find as some might believe, but you do have to be diligent. First, what is a good man? Pigs discusses this, and it’s important to understand this for yourself, and you have to be realistic about what a good man wants out of the relationship. It won’t go you any good to find a good man, if you can’t keep him. Pigs is pretty clear, a good man is likely to want a lot of sex. And he won’t tolerate much drama. Read the book, to learn more.

Where do you find good men? Many are “released” back into the pool every day, coming out of a marriage or divorce. Some would say that if they’ve been out a while, and still single they have less chance of being a good man. In theory at least good men get snapped up pretty quick.

Good men are everywhere, in bars (yes, good people hang out in bars, don’t you?), grocery stores, church, and in the workplace to name just a few. And don’t rule out the internet. Many say they could “never” use the internet, and yet we all know people that met, fell in love and moved into a full time relationship or marriage. Are there jerks on the internet? Of course, but aren’t there jerks at church? And at the grocery store. It’s a game of numbers, you are going to have to meet at least 4-5 men to even get one that MIGHT be a keeper. And he likely won’t be, so 4-5 more. It’s easy to see that you need 15-20 into the top of the funnel to get ONE out of the bottom of the funnel, so don’t rule out Match.com and the other internet dating sites when trying to find a good man.