What Is A Bad Boy?

We cover all topics in Men Are Pigs, (And That’s A Good Thing) including the Bad Boy image. Come on Beta Men, I am sure you are thinking of someone right now who you would define as a bad boy. But what if we changed your paradigm to show you that you too can be a bad boy. You can exude the confidence and masculine aura that women desire. Be vocal about your needs, tell your mate what you need, want and desire. Be bold in your approach to your relationship. Take control, be dynamic, daring and innovative.

Whew, I bet just thinking about being a bad boy got you riled up in the right direction. It’s about your image and the persona that you are an Alpha Man who has the needed confidence to lead the relationship without the woman trying to steer. Follow your dreams and goals, you remember those right? Are you thinking about when you made time for basketball practice with the guys, you were focused on writing that next book or playing lead guitar?

Having your own hobbies and making time for you is the epitome of a bad boy. Define YOUR rules and live by them.  You are changing the game by stepping out of the beta game and swimming with the alpha fish. In this territory you are the head honcho and you set the tone for the pace and nature of every relationship. Come on Bad Boy, show them what you are made of.