Want More Sex in Your Relationship? Me Too

Guys, do you feel like you aren’t getting enough sex in your relationship?  Would it surprise you to know that girls feel the same way?  Men Are Pigs dives into the unspoken reality and miscommunication surrounding sex in relationships.  Ron Sturgeon gives an interesting take on the signs that women put off to let you know that they aren’t getting enough sex and are ready for more.  Women have the same urges as guys and need it just as much as you do.  Once you get the sex conversation taboo out of the way you are free to explore each other.  In my opinion this is the ultimate relationship book giving advice not to just men on how to spot a woman’s sexual needs but also letting the ladies know what men want in a relationship with a woman.  If you’re looking for a good read that is information and helpful this is the book for you.

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