Touch Me, Tease Me

In the book, Men Are Pigs (And That’s A Good Thing), we talk all about physical and sexual stimulation. Yes, you know enough to know that you like to be touched. But do you know how, when, where, what time is the best to get and KEEP your motor running. We explore that concept in our book, think about all the types of stimulation that you require just to get to the point of turning down the lights. Or with some of you its crazy sex and you keep the lights on.

So as you plan your positions and strap in for a grand time, think about where you are touched and touching. Work on your verbal and nonverbal communication.  Whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears, explore body parts that aren’t usually caressed and kissed like behind the knees. Take the time to give a full body touch. Holding, caressing, cuddling, embracing, and being close. The kind of touching that brings comfort, calms fears, and strengthens the emotional connection in a relationship.

Physical intimacy is not just about sex.  I am going to say that again, physical intimacy is not just about sex. But finding your way to connect in every form imaginable to the person you are sharing that moment with. Find a way to bring a smile, laughter and a tear from your intimate encounter. It should be a release of emotions and a sharing that brings down the walls so you all have the ultimate clearance when you are ready to take it to the next level.

Are you ready to be touched and teased?