Tips on Picking Up Women from Men Are Pigs

Men Are Pigs focuses on how to build great relationships, that produce lots of sex for the man, and whatever the woman wants, which varies. The book doesn’t focus on tips on picking up women, but certainly gives plenty of advice on how to find and identify a woman that wants lots of great sex. Most men would agree that’s a great basis for a robust relationship. What do men want in a relationship with a woman? As a foundation, for a man, sex. It’s simple. The book is packed with relationship tips for women as well. It points out that many women don’t provide more sex or oral sex because the women focus on the act rather than pleasing their man. Men and women both get selfish and comfortable in a relationship. The book explores where and how to pick up women, and how NOT to be a pig. Remember, men aren’t pigs because they want sex, that’s the way god made them. Do men want relationships? Of course, most do. But not if it means they have to give up sex. Relationship help for men and for women isn’t hard to find, there are countless books on the topic. Men Are Pigs dives in with a vengeance, discussing all the stuff that others just don’t want to discuss. And the Holy Grail will help you when picking up women to spot those that are likely to really need sex, not just act like they want sex.

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