Relationship Tips for Men from Men Are Pigs

Men are Pigs is packed with tips on how to be a better spouse. What a man wants in a relationship is simple, for most men, its sex. God made them that way, and in most cases, to lesser degree women. There are chapters on how to please a man and what a good man wants to stay in a relationship, and tips on what women want out of a relationship as well. Chapters discuss menopause, dating, deal breakers and filters, and even how to handle Facebook. How do men think in relationships? Differently than women in most cases. Women are just different and have different needs. If a woman thinks a man wanting sex makes him a pig, the author rules her out for a relationship. Why be trapped in a relationship where the man is criticized for wanting sex? And women shouldn’t be criticized because what that want seems stupid to the man. Women and men are just different. Men must learn how to please their women if they expect to stay in a relationship and stay happy. Do men want relationships? Most do. But they don’t want to be trapped, and neither do the women. The book is indeed written from a man’s perspective, but there are plenty of books out there written from a women’s perspective. Men are pigs when they don’t try to please women, not when they want sex.

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