Read Men Are Pigs to Get Advice on Relationships

The book was written to help those in relationships build even stronger ties, as well as to help men find women that they can have a strong relationship with. It’s packed with relationship tips for men, and tips on picking up women that they can have a strong relationships with.  The book has one foundation, men are different that women. God made men to want sex, more than women in most cases. Finding a woman that wants more sex than the norm is every man’s dream, which is why we call it the Holy Grail. Also, there are many other tips on building strong relationships, and a man simple must meet a woman’s needs if the relationship is to be as strong as possible. Also, menopause is discussed in detail, as well as all the reason relationships don’t make it. The book explores filters and deal breakers to consider when looking for a new relationship. There are lots of books on marriage and relationship, this one is different, as it discusses many of the hard topics that others steer clear of, especially relationship advice as it pertains to sex. What do most men want in relationships? It’s pretty simple really; sex is at or near the top of the list. That’s not a bad thing and doesn’t make them a Pig. What makes them a pig is being insensitive to the woman’s needs. She has things that are very important to her as well, including taking out the trash and getting flowers. Get relationship help by reading Men Are Pigs.

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