How To Pick Up Women

Ever wondered what the secret is to picking up women? Questions like “how to get lucky” or “where to get lucky” and even where to being? Ron Sturgeon’s new book, “Men Are Pigs” covers all of those things. He also covers how to tell if the girl is high maintenance and not worth your time as soon as the first date. OK, so you’re not looking for a relationship and don’t think this book could help you out much, that is where you are wrong. Men Are Pigs also covers how and where to get lucky and something Mr. Sturgeon refers to as the “Holy Grail” which are 27 traits that indicate a girl really needs sex. Men Are Pigs is full of useful information for everyone whether you are just trying to pick up women or are looking for a meaningful relationship. I suggest you get out there and read this book today to find the right woman.