Men Want Sex

The book is premised on the fact that Men Want Sex. It’s simple really. And wanting sex doesn’t make them a pig. God made men to be visual creatures, and to want sex. In many cases, more sex than women. Relationship books for women and relationship books for couples are plentiful. This book discusses the hardest topics, the ones most likely to be shoved under the carpet. If a woman thinks a man wanting sex makes him a pig, then he is likely to get less sex than he wants. And the negative energy caused by his wanting sex, and her thinking he is a pig may be divisive. Why not just look for a woman that wants sex, maybe even as much or more than a man! Wow, wouldn’t that be fun? And if you are a man and wanting sex, then you are almost certainly going to be happier, and then (in theory) you are going to provide the woman with what she needs. She may want the trash taken out, she may want you to love her dog, she may want a card mailed to her office every week, but once you find a woman that wants sex, keep her happy! Do men want relationships? Of course, but they also want sex. In the book, women invariably said they were providing lots of sex, and wanted even more, yet men universally said they weren’t getting enough sex. Huh? There is a bog disconnect there. Read Men Are Pigs, and discover that it’s a good thing that men want sex, and learn the 26 characteristics of women that need sex.