Is Internet Dating For You?

We talk about internet dating in our book, Men Are Pigs, And That’s A Good Thing. We want you to know that yes the dating world is full of possibilities and you shouldn’t limit yourself to the usual visit at your favorite coffee shop or dry cleaners. Think about a hobby you used to love participating in. Was it painting, drawing, archery, dominoes, spades or swimming? Now, when was the last time you engaged in that sport and actually reached out to the others that were engaged in the same activity?

Are your rolling your eyes backwards thinking about that old thing? Well it’s the same thing with internet dating. We have all heard a story or two about someone who met so-so on this dating site and after three months it was the biggest crash and burn relationship they have ever experienced. Okay, now that you have that out of your system. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have also heard about couples who met on and have not looked back. So open your eyes, ears to the possibility of love on the .com.

Yes, it’s possible you will get your heartbroken and run into a creep. But it is also possible that you can meet the person of your dreams and have a fantastic relationship, built on trust and the fabric of communication. Choose the path of more people and more possibilities. Open up your mind, strap up your big boots and get online and meet the person that is waiting to meet you.

Tell us how it works for you!