How to Please My Man

It has the makings of a great country and western song, but more and more women are asking this very question, how to please their men? Men, this puts you at a great advantage. Women all over the world are asking for new ways to please you. Do you want to know our answer? Give you sex, there is a quote that says “Girls give sex to get love and guys give love to get sex”. True statement, but the beauty in it is.

Just as men are biologically driven to desire and seek out sex. There are woman who have the same drive and the urge to be pleased at all costs. We call her the 20% woman, the woman that carries the vibrator in her purse and loves to watch porn with or without you. She is out here looking for new ways to bring you unbridled pleasure you lucky son of a gun. So what are you to do? Well while they are preparing to give you more sex and BJTC’s, you can learn what will please them?

Imagine that, taking out the trash, cooking a meal, listening and paying attention to your mate can cause a reaction of emotions in them that is sure to turn out wonderful for you. Now listen as you are rubbing your hands together getting ready for the flurry of sexual activity coming your way. Be prepared. When your women come to you with new ways to bring you sexual pleasure, oblige them.

You can stand to bring some freshness into the place of intimacy, well congratulations. Women all over are looking for new ways just to please you, now go get ready!