How to Pick Up Women

If you are looking for new ideas on how to pick up women, you need this book!  Men Are Pigs has an entire chapter on how to find the right person.  from learning how to determine whose not wrong (as opposed to determining who is right), to filters and deal breakers.   Each of us have an idea of what we want in a partner and what we don’t want.  Those habits that the person has that we can live with and the ones that we just won’t tolerate, or deal breakers.  Of those deal breakers, on most mens’ list, or at least on the pigs list, is sex.  Men want sex.  Men need sex.  This book will help you identify woman who need sex.  Yes, I said need.  There are women out there that need sex.  Men are pigs has the Holy Grail, 27 traits for you that indicate when a woman really needs it.   When you are out trying to pick up a woman, why not weed out, or filter through, the women that don’t have what you want.  Why not go straight to what you do want, a woman who needs sex.   Does she give you the remote control (and I am not talking about to the television), does she wear panties under her short skirt, does she talk dirty?  and what about BJTC?  Find out not only what these terms mean, and love the answer!  But also find out 23 MORE identifiers to a woman who needs sex.  How to identify her, what to say to her to grab her attention, and what to do for her in order to keep her once you have her.

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