How To Pick Up Girls

Have you ever been out and looking for that special someone but have no idea how to pick up girls? No idea what to say to them? Confused on how to approach them? Don’t even know how to tell if they are even interested once you do get to talk to them? Well I have the solution for you. Whether you are just trying to pick up women for the night or are looking for a lasting relationship Ron Sturgeons book “Men Are Pigs” is a book you should really pick up and read. He gives you his insight on how to find the right person, how to determine who is wrong for you with a list of deal breakers for anyone and even goes in to talk about the taboo subject of sex that most books won’t discuss. If you aren’t just looking to pick up a girl he also goes in to what can go wrong and tips on how to make your relationship better. Ron Sturgeon’s book “Men Are Pigs” covers everything you need and is really a book that everyone should pick up.