Do Nice Guys Get Laid?

We are asked that question all the time do nice guys get laid. Well what are you referring to as a nice guy? Someone without that bad boy edge that women desperately crave but try to hide? A nice guy can be someone who is respectable, intelligent, and authoritative in his own right. And believe it or not, yes they get laid. But if you Mr. Nice Guy after reading our book Men Are Pigs, And That’s A Good Thing, learn the power of identifying the 20% woman who NEEDS sex. The woman who not only desires sex but plans ways to get it you will get laid a lot more.

The women are out there waiting, but you have to know what to look for. The signs that let you know this night will be reminiscent of that one time in college or band camp that you will never, ever forget. The night that any inhibitions you had to sex and letting it all go will be worth it because the 20% woman will show you she appreciates everything you give her that night.

So I want to encourage you, absolutely, you can get laid. But after reading my book and learning the strategies of identifying the 20% woman who needs sex and a confident communicator, my friend you can and will get laid a lot more.

Aren’t you ready to be out in a sea of women with the confidence necessary to recognize the traits in the one you have been waiting for? We are ready for you to say no more Mr. Nice Guy, it is Mr. Nice Guy who gets laid.

Happy Reading!