Can You Define Sexy?

What a great idea defining a word that encapsulates all of what sexy would mean to you. Sure, I’ll give you a few minutes to think about the best way to wrap up the way you experience sexy. Sexy can be defined by how you feel yourself or how someone visually appears to you. Long legs, great physique, wonderful personality, beautiful teeth, all of that is sexy to someone. But think about that thing that inspires you to step across the room and speak to the person that perfectly embodies the sexiness you see.

Many great relationships have been built and failed on sex appeal, yes it’s true. Believe it or not, there will be moments that your mate is not exactly sexy to you but they are still intriguing and attractive. So how do you carry over during those times? You focus on the more intimate relationship building skills that you should have been working on the first time you laid eyes on the sexy one that is now yours.

COMMUNICATION is the sexiest quality any relationship could have. The ability to set a goal and plateau on how you will progress and continue to treat each other well. After you put your clothes back on and you drank that refreshing glass of OJ, what is next? This is where you build up your relationship bank and add to it the things that are necessary for you to have a healthy and dynamic relationship.

Sexy is however you choose to define it, but the important thing is that you do define it and you have a relationship dictionary of words that you and your mate share so that you learn each other’s love language.