Books on Relationships For Men

There are all kind of relationship books out there to help women find, keep, trap and talk a guy into everlasting marriage but what about the men? Where are the books on relationships for men? Well look no further. Ron Sturgeon really puts it out there in his book on relationships for men called “Men Are Pigs”. Not only does he help you find a woman by giving you clues but he covers it until the very end. Men Are Pigs is full of useful information all the way from how to pick up and meet a woman, spotting which ones work for you and even goes as far as to list things that should be deal breakers for men when looking at women to be in potential relationships with. This book also has a controversial view on how people should handle kids from previous relationships when looking for a new relationship. If you are looking for the ultimate book on relationships for men then Men Are Pigs is a must read.