Bedroom Advice 101

What is the first rule of anything that happens in the bedroom? Watch how you treat each other outside of the bedroom, everybody knows that when you begin foreplay it is before you are even in the place to touch each other sexually. Foreplay involves sending a sexy text message, listening to what the other is expressing as important to them before ever making it to the place of sexual consummation.

What’s the best advice I can give you allowing each other the opportunity to be the king and queens in each other’s life and take advantage of every moment you have to shower that person with affection. You don’t have to stop by the florist every day and bring home a bouquet of flowers, but you can make a bouquet of love from your words. Show your appreciation for a task that you normally take for granted.

If you hate washing the dishes but your mate has agreed to do it for you so you can watch the game, let them know you appreciate every opportunity you are afforded to do the things you enjoy because of the things your partner does. Now on to the sexiness, think about something you have always wanted to explore sexually and intimately with your partner and make it happen. Put yourself in a place with each other to be vulnerable and open to each other’s desires all in the name of crazy sex.

It is possible that just by having that simple conversation you will find out more things about your mate than you ever knew existed. Some come on, step up and say it loud from the rooftop. By the way, the bedroom is not the only place to give and get sexy love.