Are You An Alpha Male?

Confident, Knowledgeable, Intelligent. These are some the key characteristics of a present-day alpha male. Masculinity is great but you are no longer defined by the former macho characteristics of the past. Think about how the visuals of masculinity you were shown growing up. Groups of Marines or other Armed Forces leaders marching forward to defend their country and themselves. Now, we have different images of alpha males.

Believe it or not Justin Bieber is an alpha male. He is a leader, confident, knowledgeable, and intelligent. He has millions of young women at his every whim because of those very traits. So put aside the physical aspects of someone you would define as an alpha male and redefine masculinity with confidence. Does that apply to you? Then you instantly have the keys to make women desire you and ultimately desire to have sex with you.

Women want men who are in control, men not afraid to take a step out of their comfort zone and to be assertive when needed.  It is proven that the confidence you display in the world, is the same confidence women believe you will bring to their relationship. You have the power to change the dynamics of your relationship simply by acting on your instincts. It is in you to be the commanding, dominant and secure man that women desire. Let those qualities show and watch the way women respond to you. Buy a new suit, sure! Groomed to the max, great! But a man unafraid to stand firm and show that he is the Alpha King is so much sexier.

So here’s to you, standing up and taking your right place in the world on the world stage of confidence!