All Men Are Creeps

It is easy to categorize people and place them in a category that suites you, such as ALL men are creeps. What an expressive statement! We have discovered that the personality traits and characteristics of someone who is loving, caring and concerned about the relationship is what you desire. Sure, you may have a man but if his priority is on HIS feelings, HIS thoughts and all about him without any regard to you or your needs then you may have a creep on your hands.

So what do you do when you are dating and in a relationship with someone who exhibits creepish behavior? You stand up and say that this relationship should be valuable to both parties and the only that will happen is if we have some honest dialogue about how to meet each others need. Ask yourself this question, what would happen if you both placed the relationship/commitment as the priority instead of your individual feelings.

In the book Men Are Pigs (And That’s A Good Thing), you will learn valuable communication tools to help your relationships thrive again from good ole’ fashioned communication.